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Tomato ring, for support in the growth of tomatoes.


The Purpose of a Tomato Ring

A tomato ring combines the convenient design of a cage and the supportive structure of a stake but without the bulk of the cage and the unnecessary tying and retying.

The materials from which these rings are make it a truly durable support for plants. Its galvanized spring steels keep it from collecting rust and hold its strong oval shape which is attached permanently to its plastic clamp, which also makes it very easy to use for any gardeners, beginner or professional. These tomato rings could last throughout the entire season. They also only require a small amount of space to set up in trellising tomatoes, compared to other methods like tomato cages, and also only require a small amount of storage.

Its capability in making the plants grow horizontally helps them grow upward instead of outward, which keeps them in a limited space for gardeners who only have a small amount of space, to begin with. Furthermore, by letting the plants not touch the ground, sunlight is easily reached and any infestation from pests could also be avoided. Through its position, maintaining the fruit’s health and harvesting them afterward would become simpler and more manageable.

The Advantages of Using a Tomato Ring

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