Tomato Ring- The Best Tomato Plant Support

Tomato ring is an amalgamation of a tomato cage and a tomato stake. It is used to give support to a tomato plant. A tomato ring can be easily adjusted according to the growth of the plant with the help of the screws in it. It protects the tomato plant from multiple diseases, thus keeping the fruits healthy and clean. It is the most advanced method of protecting any tomato plant. It efficiently provides plant support and saves you from buying other plant support products in every season. Thus, tomato ring is a smart choice over the traditional tomato stakes and cages to increase the yield of fresh and healthy tomatoes.

tomato clip used in plant
The tomato ring is an excellent auxiliar for the support of your crops.


Why Tomato Ring Is Required For A Tomato Plant?

A tomato plant becomes heavy upon bearing fruits on it. Without the help of a tomato ring, it is unable to stand firmly due to the weight of its fruit. The weight of tomatoes pull down the stems bearing them, and then the tomatoes come in contact with the moist soil. The moist soil is the host for fungus and many other soil borne diseases. A tomato ring gives perfect plant support. It prevents the tomato stems to limp on the ground, which helps prevent the contact of the plant with the soil. This in fact leads to diseases-free crop, making tomato ring an essential element of tomato harvesting.

What Makes Tomato Ring A Smart Choice?

Tomato ring is the answer to the age long debate over the tomato stakes and tomato cages. Being the combination of both of them, tomato ring is the perfect plant support product for every tomato grower out there. A tomato ring is generally made of galvanized steel whereas its clamp is made of plastic, making it durable and rust-proof. This also makes it economical in comparison to other plant support products, which you have to buy every season. You just need to invest in a set of tomato rings only for once and you will be all set to yield healthy tomatoes season after season. You can easily remove tomato rings from the plants and store them in a basket after cleaning them. They usually don’t acquire much space. A tomato ring also saves you from the cumbersome task of tying the plants. It can easily fit in the tomato stakes of various sizes, allowing you to use the tomato stakes according to the plant needs. These days, tomato ring has become the first choice of most of the tomato growers from all over the world.

clip providing support in stem plant
The rings are very easy to use and no requires much spaces.

How to Use a Tomato Ring?

Generally, one tomato ring supports one tomato plant. Buy sets of tomato rings as per your requirement. You can use any kind of tomato stakes, wooden or metal to fit into the ring’s clamp. A tomato ring is generally 10.5″ wide and the dimensions of the plastic clamp are 3″x3.5″. Just place the tomato stake inside the clamp and tighten the screws. You can change the height of the ring according to the height of the plant you are growing.

Keep a minimum distance of 6” between the soil and the tomato ring, and let it get support from it. Change the position of the tomato ring as per the growth of the plant. A tomato ring gives you the flexibility and convenience to use the same plant support during all the stages of the plant’s life. For a much more efficient plant support, it is advised that you use two tomato rings per plant. Place one ring at a distance of 1 foot from the soil and keep shifting the other ring as the plant grows. It’s better for you to place the tomato ring during the initial phase of plant growth because if it’s placed after the plant has reached a certain height, it may limp and the plant support may not give its best results. It can lead to the breaking of the stems of the plant. A tomato ring is designed to provide plant support to even the large size tomato plants.

tomato clip used in crops
They have replaced their traditional methods as the stakes or cages method.

The use of tomato ring is endorsed by many tomato growers. They have replaced their traditional tomato stakes, cages and tying threads with tomato rings. It has given a boost to their harvest and enhanced the quality of their tomatoes. Tomato ring sets are easily available in the market and online.

As discussed above, a tomato ring is the perfect solution for all the tomato growers to protect their plants, and yield a healthy and rich harvest. It is also sturdy and easy to use. It has replaced all the traditional plant support products and has become the ultimate choice of numerous tomato growers. Its durability makes it an economical plant support system. It makes the tomato growing process easy and convenient. The tomato growers who use tomato ring sets do not have to find space for the bulky cages, as the tomato ring sets are light weight and take very less space while storing. They can be stored anywhere in a basket or a bucket. Once a tomato grower invests in a tomato ring set, he/she enjoys its benefits for the years to come. It can be used by the home growers as well to get good quality tomatoes from their kitchen gardens. With all these qualities, a tomato ring becomes the future of the tomato harvesting.